Motivations & Directions On Auto Gate Opener

automatic farm gate opener

This short article cuts two ways. The first half addresses the need to have an automatic farm gate opener. And the closing half of the article gives you a brief appreciation of just how this smart gate opener works. If you own a smallholding far away from the urban outskirts, then you more than likely need this gate opener. If you are a farmer and you’re in a rural environment, then you’ll need an automatic gate opener.

Law enforcement agencies and even your next door neighbors are just too far away to come to your aid at the first sign of trouble. Also, your plot of land is fairly large and you may have sub-divided it. Access to each plot is through that gate of yours. But there are times, particularly at night, when it may not be a good idea to leave your truck. So, what to do when you need to open that gate of yours?

The problem has been solved with your auto gate opener. You can open the gate sure enough without having to leave your vehicle. And no, there’s no remote to open this gate. It’s a portable, lightweight device attached to your gates and its only powered by battery. And because it’s sparingly used, the battery will last a long time. No remote, just the front bumper of your truck. As you slowly approach the gate, your bumper gives it a gentle nudge.

And when that happens, the gate automatically opens. Quite smart, or what. And once the gate opens, you can safely drive through. And then what? The gate must still close, right. That’s easy. There’s a timing device attached. While you drive through and then leave the gate, it will automatically close after a few seconds.