If You Know What A Quinquireme Is, This Might Be For You

Model ships appeal to a certain type of person, and have done forever. If Red Rackham’s Treasure seemed more like a real possibility than a made-up story then you probably love the romance and mystery of the high seas.

Handcrafted model ships to the right person is like having your own Picasso or getting a diamond that makes you stop and stare. This is a craft that has been going on since the Phoenicians took to the seas. They don’t have to come in a bottle but sometimes they do.

Handcrafted model ships

Making model ships is a craft of many hours. In the old days, models like the real thing would tend to have been made in wood but as a result, might have had problems with cracking especially if they were not properly kept.

Nowadays there are new materials used, which makes sense as model ships now have to mimic the great steel sided ships of today. This doesn’t make their accuracy any less breath-taking, while it does extend their longevity.

When you check out the websites of the model makers you realize this is incredibly serious. There’s huge pride in the task, and the finished results look as if anyone from Lilliput could be away on the next tide.

These ships are of the quality that makes museum pieces. They are displayed in the White House and museums all over the world. The attention to detail satisfies even the most discerning sailor or ship lover. It’s the embodiment of doing something properly and creating something amazing.

Oh! You want to know what a quinquireme is. It is a Roman galley with five banks of oars on each side. The men with the longest oars would have been very strong.