Museum Quality Ship Building Overview

It is said that the interest in model ships has been quite strong for centuries. Still today, there will be examples of museum quality ship models that recall the Phoenician, Egyptian and Greek eras. Today, there is a strong desire among enthusiasts, amateur and professional, to produce the world’s finest model ships in every conceivable category imaginable. 

Marine models or replicas are now reaching enthusiasts in over seventy countries. Let’s just say that a thousand to one model ships on any scale are being shipped out. Skilled model boat builders can operate at a scale of six inches to twenty feet. All of these ships will be built by hand. The modelers work towards achieving museum quality standards. Discerning customers do need to make enquiries about individual commissions or high volume model production, as the case may be for them.

Two distinct materials are being utilized during the model ship building process. This is being done primarily to eliminate all possibilities of cracking, a problem that has been typically experienced by owners of traditional wood models. These model ships’ hulls are cast in superior fiberglass to achieve strength and accuracy. During the building process, weld line inputs and discharge ports will be utilized.

museum quality ship models

A pleasing aspect of this model building project is the use of fine scale brass. This is used for the ‘superstructure’ of the model ships. Turned brass is used for the ships’ masts and booms whilst many small and intricate parts are made from brass moldings. Future clients need to understand and appreciate what is meant by replica and exactness. They may well have an original ship from any period in mind.

They provide their specifications to the craftsman. And so he sets off to build an exact replica of what was specified.