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Sit up straight! No, no, not like that! Like this! No, not like this. You will not be receiving such lessons from your grumpy old music teacher. Such as they are, if they are still around, probably belongs in the museum. No, today’s music teachers are funky, they are in and very much up to date with what’s cool and what’s not. They also know what musical instruments you might want to play. And they also know that perhaps there are many of you out there who still can’t afford your first music instrument. Not even a blessed recorder.

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Folks without any understanding of your predicaments and without any sensitivity would not be buying any of this. That old music teacher from all those years ago would probably be waxing and waning, as in wax on, wax off, about all the sacrifices that need to be made to get to that very first music lesson. Today, the pain no longer needs to be in existence. There’s great guys and girls working down at and out from a music store boston studio type of set up.

Today, there is no longer a need to wait for years before you’ve managed to save up for your first music lesson, never mind your first instrument. For argument’s sake, if there’s just no way you can possibly get to the boston store then there’s still this way. It’s way, way accessible and it’s a lot more affordable too. It’s your online music store, see. And it’s a great place to take your first lessons too. How about that then Miss, whateveryournamewaslasttime.

It’s a great and exciting time to become a musician. You guys have so many opportunities that so many others never had when they were kids.